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BellRFID base module with 1 admin and 5 user RFID cards Exchangeable bell button sets (not included) Built-in RFID technolgy for keyless entry Available colors: white, silver, dark gray, amber, black With and without function button for mailbox control Up to 60 hrs backup power supply using DoorMaster (accessory) Printing service available free of charge

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BellRFID access module for MOBOTIX IP Video Door Stations • For usage with any BellRFID Bell Button Set (to be ordered individually) • Incl. one admin and five user RFID cards • Doorbell function and mailbox control • Integrated RFID technology for keyless entry • Powered by the door camera via MxBus • Up to 60 hrs backup power supply using MX-DoorMaster (accessory) • Protection class IP65, -30 to +50°C / -22 to 122°F • Color: Dark Gray
Belangrijkste specificaties
Artikelnummer MX-Bell1-Core-EXT-DG
EAN 4047438017121
MSRP (verkoop advies prijs) € 269,00
Afmetingen (cm) -
IP classificatie IP65
Voeding MxBus
Maximum stroomverbruik (Watt) 1