Belangrijkste specificaties
Artikelnummer 5505-431
EAN 7331021043480
MSRP (verkoop advies prijs) € 755,00
Afmetingen (cm) BxHxD - 28.2x36.1x13.1
IP classificatie IP66
Voeding Input (120 V AC): 90-175 V AC, Max. 4 A Input (230 V AC): 90-264 V AC, Max. 4 A Output: Input voltage, Max. 4 A
Maximum stroomverbruik (Watt) 0

Axis T98A18-VE Media Converter Cabinet A


Pre-assembled T98A18-VE Surveilance cabinet with following system compoents: (1) Breaker and surge protection, (2), 12 VDC DIN PSU, (3) AXIS T8604 Media Converter, (4) Power cable and DIN clip for midspan AXIS T8124, (5) Internal cables and mounts. Tested and verified with Axis cameras.