Belangrijkste specificaties
Artikelnummer 5505-411
EAN 7331021043466
MSRP (verkoop advies prijs) € 755,00
Afmetingen (cm) BxHxD - 28.2x36.1x13.1
Voeding Input (120 V AC): 90-175 V AC, Max. 4 A Input (230 V AC): 90-264 V AC, Max. 4 A Output: 12 V DC
Maximum stroomverbruik (Watt) 20
Garantie 3 years

Axis T98A16-VE Media Converter Cabinet A


Pre-assembled T98A Surveilance cabinet with following system compoents: (1) Breaker and surge protection, (2), 12 VDC DIN PSU, (3)AXIS T8604 Media Converter, (4) Internal cables and mounts. Tested and verified with Axis cameras.